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Advarsel mod brug af visum agenter

Visumansøgning til Danmark:

- Den Danske Ambassaden i Bangkok bragte i maj 2013 en advarsel mod brug af visum agenter:

(Kilde: Embassy of Denmark in Bangkok, facebook side)

Warning against use of visa agents:

The Embassy has received several requests from hosts, who have been in contact with unauthorized visa agents.

The Embassy hereby wish to warn visa applicants and hosts/references against paying agents for assistance in submitting visa applications. The Embassy is aware that such agents operate both inside and outside of Bangkok. 

The visa agents impose a completely unnecessary and often quite considerable extra expense on both the applicant and the reference. The visa agents have NO jurisdiction and cannot submit a visa application on behalf of the applicant. Frequently, the use of visa agents even cause an unnecessary extension of the processing time, since they are not familiar with the precise rules and procedures.

If you are in doubt about how to apply for a visa, please feel free to contact our Visa Application Centre, VFS or the Embassy directly during our phone hours or per e-mail. Click on link for contact information.

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