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Full Moon Party - Koh Phangan

Full Moon Party er en helnats strandfest på Haad Rin stranden på øen Koh Phangan, nær ved Koh Samui.

Afholdes ved hver fuldmåne :-)

Her klippet fra Wikipedia:

The Full Moon Party is an all-night beach party that takes place in Haad Rin on the island of Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand on the night before or after every full moon.

The first Full Moon Party was improvised at a wooden disco not far from the beach in 1985 for giving thanks to about 20-30 travelers.The Full Moon Party gained fame quickly through word of mouth, and the event now draws a crowd about 20,000-30,000 every full moon evening. The party carries on until the sun rises the next day. All the bars on the sunrise beach of Haad Rin town stay open and play music such as R&B, drum and bass, house, dance and reggae.

The modern event has become a part of the itinerary of many travelers to Asia. It is characterized by unruly and potentially dangerous attractions such as fire skipping ropes, wildly variable alcohol strength 'buckets', and a drug culture. It is indeed seen by many as the "ultimate party experience", although drug laws are still strict, and police enforcement is stepped up during the parties. 

Her er party datoerne for 2015:


Januar 4
Februar 3
Marts 5
April 3
Maj 2
Juni 2
Juni 30
August 1
August 29
September 27
Oktober 28
November 25
Christmas Party
New Year Party


Januar 23
Februar 23
Marts 22
April 21
Maj 21
Juni 19
Juli 21
August 18
September 16
Oktober 17
November 14
December 14
Christmas Party
New Year Party

(Partydatoerne i listen til venstre er hentet herfra - virker som de mest rigtige)

Datoer for fuldmåne:

Partydatoerne er ikke altid helt de samme som fuldmånedatoerne. Nogle dage falder de sammen og andre dage en dag ved siden af. Der er også forskellige meninger om hvornår der er fuldmåne i Thailand.

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